Using traditional assay formats with proprietary detection technology, AMMP provides you with accurate results, fewer sample limitations, simple operation and fast assay development.

Non-optical vs Optical Detection

AMMP non-optical protein detection technology has proven correlation with optical measurements but with broader detection limits and less sample prep. Non-optical detection and mechanically amplified signal allows measurement of low expressing proteins otherwise lost in baseline noise and less baseline interference reduces the need for multistep dilutions especially in complex samples.


AMMP flexible assay design, using your own antibodies, is fast and versatile to meet your rapidly changing needs. Assays can either be sandwich assays and/or label-free and easily transferred from ELISA, DELFIA, Western Blot and Alphascreen.


Outstanding instrument-to-instrument and operator-to-operator repeatability. In a precision study of clinical samples which included 8 replicate samples run on 3 different days and instruments by 3 different operators results yielded %CVs less than 15%.

Speed & Flexibility

Assay configuration and timing can be adjusted for different speed and sensitivity requirements. Results can be obtained after a short 30 minute sample incubation or, with longer incubations, picogram level sensitivity can be achieved.